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Please click here for our Foster-To-Adopt Agreement; click here for our Adoption Agreement.

Better Days Rescue is the owner of the dog until adoption is finalized.

Please administer medications, if provided, in accordance with the accompanying instructions. If meds are prescribed for a protracted period, please let us know at least five business days in advance of the date the meds will run out.

If a medical concern of any type arises during the foster-to-adopt period, or if you have any questions, please immediately call this number

Other than a life-threatening emergency, all Foster AND Foster-To-Adopt dogs MUST receive approval from a BDR representative for vet visits/procedures/diagnostics. Unless otherwise directed, BDR dogs must be taken for treatment to a BDR-contracted veterinarian. Please reach out to your BDR representative for scheduling assistance. BDR dogs often begin their re-homing journey with a specific veterinarian for a reason, and may need to continue care with that provider. Please ask your BDR representative or call this number for clarification.

Important Guidelines

You’ll need the following items to welcome your dog!


Please, no wheat, corn, or soy! In general, beware of GMO ingredients and foreign countries of origin.

Be vigilant.  Read Dog Food Advisor (choose from five- or four-star rated foods) and Truth About Pet Food for news on updated formulas and quality issues. Limit fish products unless you’re certain they are properly sourced and do not contain high levels of dangerous metals.

Virtual Adoption Packet!


Please print the six safety PDF’s single-sided and post inside your kitchen cabinet doors to read while you enjoy a cup of coffee. When you need it, there’s no time to read it!



Watch helpful videos by Holistic Dog Trainer, Roman Gottfried and join his Facebook Group.



We’ll be glad to maintain a copy of your dog's current health records in the event they’re needed while you’re on travel or if your veterinarian is unavailable.


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Please let us know what other resources you’d like to see here!

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