Our Policies


Our puppies and dogs are placed in the Phoenix metro area, for proximity to our rescue (home checks, follow-up visits, visit to finalize adoption) and for access to our veterinarian, trainers, and behavioralists.


Discussion about a dog, including scheduling of a home check or other dialogue, cannot occur until we have received your completed adoption application. NO EXCEPTIONS. Humans aged eight years and older only, please.


“Needs companion animal” means the dog requires a home where a similar-sized dog with similar energy level is already part of the family. Other than in the case of very senior dogs, we do not place siblings together because although they have similar needs, they will adjust, bond, and thrive when placed in separate homes. We DO NOT place dogs in homes where there are unaltered puppies or dogs because we support spay-neuter and because an intact dog significantly impacts the dynamics of dog-dog relationships.


We appreciate getting to know everyone who lives in your home, pets included!  Melding a new dog into a family of humans and other animals is both a joy and a responsibility. We do not take chances with people’s beloved pets, so meeting them to determine their energy level, stamina, and demeanor before introducing them to a new dog is key. We do a quick walk of your yard to identify any potential safety issues. (See “YARD” section, below.)


BDR puppies are not spayed or neutered until they are at least six months of age; some larger breeds wait longer. So that puppies can bond with their new families and begin training, unaltered puppies are placed on a foster-to-adopt basis until it’s safe and healthy to spay/neuter. 


We are a tiny rescue and manage the care and placement of the dogs in addition to our full time jobs. We do not have sufficient resources to respond to individual inquiries. If you are not contacted concerning your application, it is likely that the dog’s placement is already “in process.” Status of each dog is communicated in their profile, which appears on our website and is broadcast to public pet-search websites. Due to lags in export time (outside our control), the absolute best place to check for current information and status on a dog is here on our site. 


We DO NOT adopt to students as we have found that they often do not know or anticipate where life will take them.


Adoption of a dog two years of age or younger begins with a Foster-To-Adopt arrangement that continues until Puppy Kindergarten (or Basic Obedience) and Intermediate Obedience training are complete. Training must begin immediately upon starting the foster-to-adopt period. We encourage adopters to use online search sites such as Yelp, as well as references from friends and animal care professionals, to identify affordable group training sessions that offer a convenient location and schedule. It’s sometimes worthwhile to travel a few extra minutes to a specific retail location in order to gain the benefit of a particular trainer who comes highly recommended!


We prefer to only rescue our dogs once! Although some puppies and dogs are able to function well without an attached, fenced yard, it’s a requirement for most of our dogs. Extremely large dogs, senior dogs, puppies who are still house-training or whose immunizations are incomplete all require a private yard. As do extremely active dogs, dogs who are overly concerned about strangers, dogs who’ve have always had access to a yard, and those who are vocal when left alone. 

 It’s about the dogs!

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